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Parents and carers seeking ABA support for their child with Autism (ASD) or other behavioural issues often find provision within the UK fragmented and unregulated. In order to prevent this, all staff at Beam receive thorough and regular ABA training, professional supervision and ongoing support for BCBA or BCaBA accreditation. As an organisation, Beam is also regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Home-Based ABA Programmes

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Hourly Rates

Many parents chose to train themselves on ABA.  This can be empowering they are able to implement ABA strategies as part as part of normal family life. However, it can also be isolating and frustrating when a strategy that previously worked seems to become less effective as time goes on.  Our online programmes take the benefits of parent training and add clinical oversight via regular video calls. 

ABA Pathfinder is a guided online ABA programme led by parents. A BACB certified consultant works directly with you as the parent/carer, or your nominated individual (this could be a nanny or other childminder), who adopts the role of a tutor. 

Video calls are held with you and not your child.  You receive all the tools, strategies, coaching and support needed to implement an ABA programme individually designed for your child, with the consultant having full oversight to ensure goals are met and the programme is aligned with best practice in clinical standards.

ABA Pathfinder isn’t suitable for every family.  To find out more about eligibility visit our website by clicking here

Online assessment: £250

The online assessment is the first step to begin an ABA Pathfinder programme.

The online assessment process includes:

  • Guided completion of online assessment form alongside an ABA Consultant (60 minutes)
  • ABA programme development by the Consultant
  • Video call with Consultant to review programme (60 minutes)
  • ABA programme (Behaviour Support Plan & Personalised Plan) in PDF format

One off fee paid after assessment is completed – no obligation to move forward with the ABA programme from this stage

Online clinical sessions from £250 p/m (full pricing details available by clicking here)

Online clinical sessions are regular sessions that bring the parent and ABA Consultant together via video calls.

The online clinical sessions include:

  • Video call with an ABA Consultant (60 minutes)
  • Minimum of two sessions a month is required
  • Review and discussion on your child’s progress and areas of further development
  • Support and guidance on programme implementation and ABA based strategies
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Monitoring progress against goals
  • Continuous programme refinement

No locked in contract, cancel at any time

Book a ConsultationBook an Assessment

If you’d like to move forward, please book a consultation. This requires some additional information from yourself as detailed in our referral form. There is no obligation to move forward with the programme at this stage.

To book an assessment please click on the button below where you can see more information about our online ABA programme and scroll down the page to the 'book an assessment' button

Fully trained and enhanced DBS checked, ABA Therapist:


ABA Consultant:


Senior ABA Consultant, BCBA:


We provide high quality, professional ABA services at affordable rates in a range of delivery methods.

Our hourly rates are fully inclusive of national insurance contributions, holiday pay, all taxes and are exempt from VAT. 

Fully trained and enhanced DBS checked, ABA Therapist: £19/hour

ABA Consultant: £45/hour

Senior ABA Consultant, BCBA: £85/hour

Initial assessment

The Senior ABA Consultant (BCBA) will conduct an initial behaviour and skills’assessment. This also includes meeting with yourselves. The purpose of the assessment is to identify your child’s strengths and deficits across skill domains. E.g.,  language and communication, pre-academic skills, self-care, social skills,cognitive functioning and potential barriers to learning and participating in the wider community. e.g., challenging behaviour. Following assessment, the Senior ABA Consultant (BCBA) will write a a report and meet with yourselves to go through this.

Post- assessment programme design and set up

Using the findings from the initial assessment our Senior ABA Consultant will design an ABA programme to address your child’s individual requirements and, develop their strengths.

A team that includes an ABA Consultant and 2-3 ABA therapists will be put together and matched to your child’s needs.

During this stage, the ABA Consultant will lead 4-5 sessions. This include 1:1 sessions and overlaps with the rest of the team. Sessions will be structured according to the initial assessment report.  After the 5th session led by the ABA Consultant, hourly rates will commence. 

Starting out fees

One-off fees applicable at the beginning of a programme


Programme Delivery

Following programme set up, the team will deliver ABA sessions in the home and wider environment e.g., nursery, school, local community.

The focus of each session is determined by the ABA programme created by the Senior ABA Consultant.

Sessions are delivered by an ABA Therapist or ABA Consultant at specified hourly rates.

To ensure the clinical effectiveness of our programmes we require ABA Consultants to spend time managing the team, analysing data to determine progress, regularly reviewing the programme together with the Senior ABA Consultant and producing reports.  In-home supervision is also required during which time the Consultant is available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress and future goals. 

Sessions are delivered in the home environment and out in the community Monday to Friday 0900-1200 and 1400-1700 with some opportunity for after school and weekend sessions at alternative times.

There will be regular programme reviews by the Senior ABA Consultant.

We require all programmes to run for a minimum of 15 1:1 hours per week.  Hours can be delivered by a Therapist or Consultant at the hourly rates given. 

Techniques we may use during this phase include:

  • Analysis of Verbal Behaviour (AVB)
  • Functional Communication Training (FCT)
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET)
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

We use particular approaches that best meet the learning needs of the young person we support.

Parent training

As a Beam client you have full unlimited access to a specially created ABA eLearning library to supplement your knowledge of the principles of ABA and to learn strategies to help you mirror ABA practices when our team is not present.  You also have access to peer-to-peer forums where you can learn and gain support from other parents and carers.

Programme delivery and parent training fees

Indicative fees for ABA programme with contact time comprising 15 hours 1:1 therapy and one session of 2:1 supervised therapy each fortnight:


*Fee depends on number of hours delivered by ABA Therapist or ABA Consultant.  Refer to the top table for hourly rates. Full fee details are provided at assessment and are dependent on the needs of the child and their family.

This is our recommended staffing structure for your ABA programme.  In the first three months of any programme, ABA Consultant and Senior ABA Consultant time can be increased but not reduced below these levels. Increased Consultant hours depends on availability of our clinical team. After month three should you feel a different programme structure would suit your family we are happy to discuss your needs.  We will always make a staffing recommendation based upon clinical effectiveness.

Additional fees

Consultant time

Additional time can be booked with ABA Consultants and Senior ABA Consultants where required. Additional time is determined by the availability of our clinical team. Fees are applicable at given hourly rates.

We require 4 week’s notice of request for changes to clinical staff. 

If you require a Consultant to attend a meeting outside the home, for example with a local authority or school, this time is chargable by the hour.

Report writing

Consultants will prepare regular progress reports as part of their role on the programme.  These are detailed reports commonly suitable for multiple uses including school update, EHCPs and Local authority reporting.  Where specific reports are required, a rate of £300 per report will be charged.  We require at least twenty-one day’s notice for bespoke reports but are grateful for early notification to schedule work loads accordingly.


For our London families, travel wihin Oyster Zones 1-5 is not chargable. Anything in addition, e.g., Zone 7 or National Rail, is charagable. For families in Manchester and the South West, mileage is chargable beyond a reasonable distance. This will be discussed with you prior to commencement of services.

15 hours of 1:1 ABA programme delivery

From £285/week* 

Parent eLearning



Consultant clinical oversight – may include in-home sessions, data analysis, team overlaps and interaction, report writing, and parent interaction


Senior Consultant programme review (required for first three months)



Monthly administration fee



Indicative total fee for a 15 hour a week programme:


From £500/week*



Programme design and set up:


Assessment: £300

Programme design and set up: £750

15 hours of 1:1 ABA programme delivery: From £285*/week

Parent eLearning: Included

Consultant clinical oversight – may include in-home sessions, data analysis, team overlaps and interaction, report writing, and parent interaction: £157.50/week

Senior Consultant programme review (required for first three months): £170/month

Monthly administration fee: £60/month

Indicative total fee for a 15 hour a week programme: From £500*/week

*Please note the one-off cost of assessment requires a 50% (£150) up-front payment prior to commencement, with the balance due (£150) once the assessment report has been provided to you